Incident & Disaster Response

Security That's Made to Order

No two solutions are the same.

Breach Response

  • Breach crisis response and discovery
  • Breach analysis and triage
  • Investigation and planning
  • Short term mitigation
  • Long term rebuild

Disaster Response

  • Disaster assessment, planning, and communication
  • Disaster response and triage
  • Short term recovery
  • Long term rebuild

Rapid Responders

Put in a call and a dedicated team will be assembled immediately based on your specific incidents and needs.

Up and Running

Deploy the necessary resources right away with a team that's ready to act fast, with the best possible solutions.

We Planned for That

A methodology based on consulting and a deep understanding of your organizational needs enables a stronger plan of attack.

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Built With You in Mind

Think|Stack approaches your infrastructure development in a personalized, customized way that aims to deliver everything you need, while never selling you on the things you don’t.