Berman McAleer

Berman McAleer is a financial services firm whose employees were using multiple, disconnected devices. We took a company that was highly-regulated and put their operations on the cloud, which made their physical office in Timonium irrelevant and allowed their employees to work remote without the risk of security breaches.

Facial recognition

To allow employees to securely work remotely, we created a facial recognition system that each person has to use in order to log in.

It’s better to work remote

Facial recognition is a piece of innovative technology that helped us adhere to security regulations Berman McAleer had to follow. Plus, it ended up making remote work even more secure than times when people came into the office.

Walking through daily tasks

Employees were tied to the physical PCs at their desks because they were using local applications to manage all their financial clients. In order for them to work from home, they had to use a VPN and, additionally, control a PC that was located in Timonium.

Adhering to regulatory requirements

We virtualized the applications Berman McAleer uses to manage their financial clients, converted them onto the cloud, and made them web-based applications to make working remotely hassle-free.