Visualizing the infrastructure of 2026

Business unit leaders converged around a whiteboard as we mapped out the experience they want to deliver over the next decade. Communication of our plan was delivered through multiple visual vehicles to rally many different mindsets around one progressive idea.

Secure Data

Balancing risk with innovation

Future proof means being flexible, nimble, and scalable. We assessed the many different technologies that would deliver the experience, then input each one into a scorecard framework to identify the safest, most efficient plan for today without limiting the possibilities of tomorrow.


Employees moved to the cloud


VPN connections, ever again

One team, one vision

Technology solutions are only as strong as the team that executes them. We developed and implemented every element as an extension of Solarity’s team so they not only understood how to use it, they took ownership.


Enabling growth, data, and rapid innovation

Solarity migrated their server environment to AWS including network devices to disconnect reliance on physical infrastructure. Various US-based data centers helped build a robust and resilient design based on dev ops principles for a truly future proof environment.

Think|Stack delivered on-budget, quality work that challenged teams on both sides and helped us be better about how we execute our projects. They are always responsive, providing us with expertise on cyber security, cloud migration, and network migration. Today, they are like part of the team.

Chad Ritchie, CIO Solarity Credit Union

How We Got It Done

Work Process