Think|Stack: We Were Built For This

A letter from Think|Stack: We were built for situations like this to help those who weren't.

Back to the.... Status Quo?

Leaving behind the status quo to transition your company to prepare for the future.

QuaranTEAM Work, Makes the Dream Work

Creative solutions to address sudden adversity and remote work

Lock the Front Door to Your Remote Workplace

How to mitigate your companies risk when working remote. Addressing the uptick in cyber attacks in response to rapid deployment of remote workspaces.

Design Thinking, Distance Working

Addressing a tending problem surrounding scalable remote working

I've been listening a lot this week...

Providing a culture where employees feel safe and heard during an uncertain time allows for great collaboration and a more productive workplace.

Innovation Can Light The Way

Innovation comes out of adversity, we are Journey Mapping and Design Thinking our way through COVID-19

The Commitment To Data

Data is everywhere. Data in our web browsers, it’s in our phones, it’s in our cars, and it’s all around us at work. The trick is being able to utilize that data.

Invaluable Innovation

Look, innovation is one of those words that everybody likes to throw around. It’s permeated the discourse in just about every organization in just about every field. Sometimes it’s used lazily, as a catch-all that doesn’t really catch much of anything at all. But there’s also a reason that it became so popular, to begin with.
Red keyboard, Photo by Taskin Ashiq on Unsplash

Fighting Fraud for the Holidays

’Tis the season for fraud. Of course, for any financial institution, fraud is a concern year-round, but it ramps up even more around the holidays. Like a svelte Santa Claus that spent the summer doing Whole30, malicious actors can easily squeeze down the chimney of a financial institution that isn’t prepared. So when it comes to fighting back against credit card and ATM fraud, employing a strategy that focuses on data visibility and greater insight can be everything.
Think|Stack team doing yoga on Baltimore's waterfront

Think|Stack Culture

Insights during Think|Stack's Leadership week, for team building, company growth, and setting expectations for the following year.
Think|Stack selfie of 3 employees: Zach Hill, Joe Ireland, Tim Foley

The Excitement at the AWS Summit New York

This past Tuesday I found myself surrounded by a like minded group of people at the AWS Summit: New York. Here's what I learned.
metal playing cards, royal flush

The Royal Flush: IT Risk Assessment Teams Must Have an Ace

The discovery process is the most important part of the assessment. If you don’t know what a customer has, how can you evaluate their network?
Woman leaning against wall with nervous expression

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of a Risk Assessment

The output from a risk assessment can provide a framework which can pull your team onto a common goal.
whiteboard graphic of risk quadrant

Using a Risk Assessment as Part of Your Budgeting and Planning Process

Many companies get IT risk assessments simply because it is a regulatory requirement, however, they can also be a useful planning and budgeting tool.
Man organizing post its on a wall

Being Proactive to Manage the Reactive

Rethink the reactive so it becomes proactive — breakdown 5 questions to learn how to gain more control over technical project management.
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Proactivity: Promises Made, Promises Kept?

What is proactive operations? A product? A service? An ideal? As it turns out, it is all of that, as well as a promise.
ground level view of diverse group of corporate people joining hands

The Value of Building Client Relationships

Our team places a huge value on building relationships with our clients, we spend time getting to know our clients, who they are, who their clients are, and what they care about.
surprised little boy holding a book

Turning Around a Negative Customer Service Experience

The power of going a small bit out of your way as a business sometimes to make it up to a client, especially when it is unexpected, can turn an upset customer into a raving fan.
statue of man with face in hand

Not again… when will people learn?!

Another breach in the news and another moment I face palm. It seems like we can’t go more than a few days without reading about a cybersecurity breach of some sort.