Welcome to our Tribe

We are united by a set of cultural norms that shape everything we do. We express this unique culture through the Think|Stack Badge—a manifestation of a shared values framework. Our badge is made up of a series of visual icons, each one representing a core value of who we are.

Our Tribe
Passionate Rebels

Passionate Rebels

We live by a fearless mentality, often building new things and burning them down for the purpose of experimentation and learning through play.

Human Centered Design

Human Centered Design

People come first. We look at the human experience before the technology in everything we do.

Family Trust

Family Trust

We are all united by unconditional support and collective growth, treating every member of our team as family.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are all leaders, and we all innovate in our own spaces to create exceptional experiences for our clients, and theirs.

Leadership Team

Chris has ideas .Chris has entrepreneurial spirit.Chris is relentless.

Chris Sachse

CEO, Founder

Travis supports teams.Travis loves Family Trust.Travis shreds powder.

Travis Sachse

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea loves people.She has Entrepreneurial Spirit.Andrea improves things.

Andrea DiGiacomo

Chief Operating Officer

Zach is an Improver.Zach is a Passionate Rebel.Zach is an Avid Learner.

Zachary Hill

Chief Technology Officer

Tim is all about growth.Tim is a Passionate Rebel.He’s always talking.

Tim Foley

Chief Growth Officer

Tab lives in workspace. Tabitha loves Family Trust. Tabbie gets things done.

Tabitha Marshall


Khaled the builder. Puts people before tech but robots do the work.

Khaled Antar

VP, Infrastructure

Doug is no poet. He puts people before tech. Solve with Harmony.

Doug Rusk

VP, Service Delivery

Innovative Fire. Cal lives for human design. Explorative mind.

Cal Bowman

VP, Strategy & Innovation

Passionate rebel. Creative innovator. She loves a challenge.

Ashley Casey

Director, Sales & Marketing

Jamie solves problems. She lives for Human Design. She has zest for life.

Jamie Nash

Director, Operations

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