Think|Stack's Approach

Before you can begin to transform your IT, you must know where you're starting from. We believe in creating thoughtful technology roadmaps to guide your journey from your current state to where you want to be.

We've partnered with ITRG to create credit union and non-profit specific assessments and benchmarks. Our goal is to help your credit union or non-profit take the first step gain the confidence that your IT priorities are aligned with your business goals and your budget. 

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Our Assessments


IT Security Assessment

The IT Security Diagnostic helps IT leaders assess and improve their security practices. This tool will help you:

  • Gather and report on IT Security governance, business satisfaction, and effectiveness.
  • Understand how you rate amongst your peers and industry benchmarks, and how you are improving year over year. 

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our cloud readiness assessment helps credit unions or non-profits take the first step towards understanding how they could potentially move to the cloud. Using a migration assessment data gathering tool, our team will examine various CPU, Memory, Disk, and IO characteristics per application, per server. With this data, Think|Stack will be able to provide you with monthly and annual estimated cost projections for moving to the cloud, along with a detailed implementation timeline should you decide to move forward. Ready to learn more? Take our mini-assessment or contact our team below!

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IT Management & Governance Scorecard

Get an instant snapshot of how your credit union or non-profit stacks up against your peers across 45 essential areas critical to your credit union or non-profit's success. The survey itself takes less than a half hour to complete, and when complete will show you exactly where you stand, what areas need improvement, and how you can use this data to plan your credit union or non-profit's next steps. Ready to learn more? 

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CIO Business Vision Diagnostic

Stakeholder management is one of the most important jobs for IT leaders, and likely the most difficult. This assessment helps you to:

  • Collect insights formally and consistently from your key business stakeholders
  • Determine the direction IT should be moving
  • Learn how you can empower the team to achieve their goals. 

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