AWS Summit New York 2018

This past Tuesday I found myself surrounded by a like minded group of people at the AWS Summit: New York. The level of energy from everyone at the event was intoxicating. I must have spent at least half of the day speaking with CIOs, VPs, and lead engineers about how to leverage the various services and technologies in the cloud to create innovative platforms, services, and applications. At one point I found myself 45 minutes deep in a conversation about how to best add visibility into an application and whether we could hypothetically poke any holes into an application.

The great thing about a space or event such as this is that nobody is holding back. It’s an incubator of ideas in an industry which has been taking the world by storm. Even writing this blog, I’m getting excited just thinking about the whole day all over again.

One of my favorite stories from the event was a great example of how powerful serverless technology is. The speaker showed a slide of the application supporting 1.8 million users built on Lambda. The monthly cost to support an application of that size? About $24 per month. You could almost hear the crowd’s jaws drop. Serverless technology is so powerful that, at Think|Stack, we built our AWS backup and disaster recovery platform on it.

I feel as though I’m still soaking in everything I learned and everyone I spoke with at the event. My notepad full of ideas are plentiful and I can’t wait for what is to come!