Why Do You Need a CISO?

At Think|Stack we understand finding and retaining a full time Chief Information Security Officer who is able to keep up with the ever changing regulatory and cyber landscape can be a challenge, so we created our virtual CISO offering to provide credit unions and non-profits with a team of individuals to support your cyber leadership needs. Our service provides the oversight, strategic planning and governance that your technology systems need to lead you into the future. We help you include cyber in the executive team, in the board room and with your examiners. We blend tangible deliverables and workshops, with our proven strategy, to help you navigate cyber now and into the future.

What's Included?

Customized tailored plan to meet your needs. All work begins with a review of your cyber governance which will inform the ongoing schedule and priorities for your service.

Develop cyber strategy and cyber risk appetite.

Develop Cyber Governance and Management framework for your credit union or non-profit. Deploy and support roll out of cyber governance including committees.

Establish baselines and track using our assessment tool annually.

Develop Cyber Policy.

Review cyber based reporting, like vulnerability scanning, pen testing, audits, exams, SOC reporting tools and more, to develop and recommend technology and mitigation priorities.

Perform table top exercises to practice and coordinate what to do if a breach occurs.

Provide training for executives and board members.

Support through incident response.

Support for examinations and audits.


Who is this for?

Group 1-1

Credit unions and non-profits of all shapes and sizes can use our service and we can adapt our service to meet your needs and budget.

Group 2

Clients who have assigned cyber to the risk department find value in our technical and cyber specific expertise to support the risk team in navigating their duties.

Group 3

CIOs or technical folks who need a separation of duties as mandated by the NCUA.

Group 4

CU’s who don’t have technical leadership and need help.

Group 5-1

Anyone who wants to take cyber seriously by getting the conversation going at the executive level.


As a CUSO with credit union and non-profit expertise for over 12 years, we know the industry, the technology, the cloud and cyber better than any partner in the space. We have assembled a team of industry professionals with varied cyber leadership backgrounds to bring CU’s what they need, all for an affordable price, by sharing these services among our clients. We are passionate about protecting the whole industry, while also balancing that with the need to have technology support your strategy and excellent member experience.