Cybersecurity must be a major part of an organization's business plan and strategy, no matter its size. It is one of the most critical areas of focus for financial institutions in particular. There are simple steps that credit unions can take to improve its cyber posture. 

Tip #2:  Use Strong Passwords

Use passwords that are long, unique, and randomly generated. Password managers can generate and remember different, complex passwords for each of your accounts, and encrypt passwords securing them for you.

Password or credential stuffing is a cyberattack that tries “stuffing” already compromised username and passwords from one site into another site in hopes that the user uses the same login information across platforms.

Changing passwords often and creating complex passwords reduces risk of hackers accessing systems. Use different passwords on different systems and accounts – reset your passwords every few months and use a password manager to keep track. When creating a password, use the longest password allowed along with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letter, numbers, and symbols. 

And don’t forget your WiFi at home and the office – limit who has access and change the password every few months.

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