Cybersecurity must be a major part of an organization's business plan and strategy, no matter its size. It is one of the most critical areas of focus for financial institutions in particular. There are simple steps that credit unions can take to improve its cyber posture. 

Tip #4: Update Your Software

Think it doesn’t matter if you are using outdated software? Not sure why it’s necessary to update software often? 

Prompts to update software can be seen as a nuisance, popping up we are focused on something else. You should not wait too long before setting time aside to install them. Behind every update prompt are teams of cybersecurity and technology experts working to ensure that software operates smoothly and securely.

Hackers are constantly looking for and finding new weaknesses in the software you use every day. Software updates can provide new protections against these vulnerabilities in the form of patches and fixes.

  • Regularly check for updates for the operating system on your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.  
  • Do not forget to update your applications on your devices, especially web browsers. 
  • Turn on automatic updates, if possible. You will be protected without having to take actions or think about it.

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