Change isn’t easy.  Sudden changes that force us out of our comfort zone are even more challenging.  With sudden change to our daily norms, a slew of emotions will soon follow.

For those who aren’t used to a work-from-home routine, or for those who are but now must share an at home office with spouses and children, it can be hard to adjust and stay focused.

Employees need leadership, support, empathy and collaboration. Uncertainty breeds creativity - turn lemons into lemonade.

Collectively take back control by creating “new temporary norms”. 

Here are a few creative ways to address employees, clients, and wellness when working remote:

  • Maintain a virtual open-door policy:
    • Utilize digital communication tools like MS Teams, Chime, Zoom or RingCentral to maintain weekly check-ins with employees.

    • Try to migrate as much “normal” into your “temporary normal”.

    • Offer tools to help employees stay organized to avoid distractions and keep productivity high.  Coffitivity is an app that recreates ambient sounds of a café to boost creativity and help people work better. 

    • With all this "newfound" time at home, now is a good time to offer incentives to employees for achieving certifications or backlogged training.
  • Be a resource for clients

    • In a time of crisis, the last thing clients want is to be bombarded with sales pitches.  For companies who weren’t prepared to work remote it’s a mad dash to approve remote work policies while quickly and cautiously installing new systems to do so.  

    • If you have a product to solve a problem, now isn’t the time to fill client and prospect inboxes with sales pitches.  Instead, be helpful and empathetic.

    • Utilize social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to share your knowledge and educate.  Brand yourself as a RESOURCE not a NUISANCE.  

    • Remember you don’t always have to “talk shop”.  Posting fun videos unrelated to what’s being reported on the news is a refreshing distraction and often appreciated by followers.

  • “Be Well” – Mentally and Physically

    • Loneliness and lack of social interaction is a cause for concern.  In a crisis, it’s so important to make sure employees are staying healthy - mentally and physically.

    • Offer suggestions to “stay well” and reduce anxiety with meditation apps like Headspace

    • Create team fitness challenges with fitbit or whoop.  Utilize virtual workout apps like Peloton and virtual life yoga classes with Empowered Yoga. 

    • Offer virtual therapy sessions or virtual group meditation for employees.

    • Schedule virtual lunches with the team once a week.  

    • University of Maryland Medical System offers some great advice on "how to work out while staying safe".

If your company isn't set up to work remotely, or you're not sure what technology tools your company needs to stay secure remotely, contact us.   
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