Managing a crisis is never an easy task. When we look at unprecedented events in our past, we remember those who used their time to innovate and create revolutionary solutions.

In a noisy time, look for those who are doing good, providing resources and creating ideas; those are our leaders.

This is a moment in our history to come together and align our energy to do good - to be better. Humanity is at its best when we connect and share experiences.

Our country is made up of passionate rebels with entrepreneurial spirit who have always persevered and emerged from adversity wiser and stronger.

As the days unfold, we have a choice to either join in collective panic or use the resources we have at our disposal - time, technology, untapped creativity, each other (and our captive children!) to find solutions. We have the ingredients to thrive together, solve problems, prototype quick but lasting fixes and improve how we prepare for the unforeseeable future.

As a company that helps others transform and protect, we are choosing to lead by example. We Think|Stackers are design thinkers and innovators, so we are opening our virtual doors to help solve problems, with no future agenda.

Our unique process highlights problems, maps journeys, prototypes solutions and provides actionable next steps.

Journey mapping cuts through the noise to focus on a specific process that is causing friction and provides a common lens to view a situation, quickly bringing people and teams out of their silos and into a collective problem solving mindset.

The trending problems we have solved these past few days have been:

1. Remote work: how to securely and productively be as useful remotely as we are at "work".

2. Increased cybersecurity: how to stay vigilant and secure during this time of heightened security.

3. Not repeating our lack of preparedness: this event has highlighted lack of preparation for disasters. We are listening, learning and documenting scenarios so we can minimize future impacts.

Think|Stack is built on our guiding values, the most important being Family Trust.

You are our human family, and we want to help. If you are facing any of the problems above or have one you’d like to discuss we’d love to talk.

Human Centered Design can lead us through this crisis.

Check out our CEO Dad Diary- Day 1:

Chris Sachse, CEO, Think|Stack