Every year at Think|Stack we have Leadership week. This is a week for team building, meetings about company growth, and setting expectations as a company for the following year.

One of the highlights for me this year was the development and growth of Think|Stack culture. A few years ago, I clearly remembered Chris, our co-founder, making it an emphasis for our company to build that culture. I thought, ‘why should anyone care or how does this really impact our clients and services?’ As I learned and experienced a great culture, it not only made it easier to come in to work everyday, but it also provided a better experience for our clients.

There were several things that created that culture, but the first thing that came to mind was how Think|Stack empowered me to make changes. If I saw a process that wasn’t working or had an idea for improvement, I was encouraged to change it. I wasn’t required to have 10 meetings with 10 different associates, managers, or executives before it could be implemented. If the change or idea improved client experience, our clients and Think|Stack were better for it.

We were and still are challenged to think outside the box and try different things. Even writing this blog wasn’t in my comfort zone but I was encouraged to share my experiences. I have found myself constantly paying attention to my environment and experiences. Recently, for example, I received an iconic experience at Nordstrom where their seamstress prevented me from making a mistake. I requested a pair of pants to be tailored to a length of 30 from the outside seam as opposed to the inside. Instead of just acting on my request, she took her time to explain the difference between the 2 and recommended to make the pants be tailored from the inside. I was truly thankful that she asked me questions and didn’t rush. As a result, the pants looked and felt great because they were tailored properly.

The way I felt in this example is the way I want our clients to feel every time they interact with a Think|Stack associate. We care, take our time, and do it correctly, is how we want our clients feel about their experiences with us. The answer behind creating that experience lies in the culture of not just working for Think|Stack but being a part of Think|Stack.