HowToDecipherTheNecessaryManagedITServicesNo matter what industry you are in, after your organization makes a large technology purchase or a significant operational change, the next logical thought is how to make the most return on your investment.

But, in a world where technology is rapidly evolving and customers are expecting more personalized and advanced services, the old way organizations used to accomplish this goal may not be the best way anymore. In fact, many organizations are now choosing to get help managing the complete lifecycle of their IT infrastructure from a managed IT service provider.

This is especially true for credit unions, which are known for their focus on customer satisfaction and ability to differentiate themselves with unique customer offerings enabled through technology.

So what exactly does managed IT services for credit unions look like, and how does it positively impact their customers and bottom line?

How do managed IT services deliver for credit unions?

Technology has come a long way since the days of just staffing a help desk and standing by for break/fix of office systems. Today, IT professionals are there to enable many customer- and internal-facing services that are critical for business success.

However, due to staffing challenges, the pace of innovation, and the scale of many services, most IT teams find themselves being reactive rather than proactive. That’s where managed IT services can come in; a trusted, experienced partner can take on the responsibility of your core and advanced IT functions, leaving your internal professionals with more time for more strategic initiatives.

More specific examples of managed IT services include:

  • Offering full technology lifecycle management, including comprehensive security support
  • Assisting with technology implementations, upgrades, migrations, and specialized feature integrations
  • Delivering a depth and breadth of technology professionals for unique system deployments or troubleshooting
  • Providing consultative services to help organizations operate more efficiently

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What are some tips to find the best managed IT services for credit unions?

Once you’ve made the decision to partner with a managed IT service provider, the next step is to select the right partner so that you can establish a strong, long-term partnership with them. 

While a lot can go into the vendor selection process, some of the key qualities to look out for include the ability to:

  • Offer vendor-neutral advice, so you get the best devices and services for your needs, not theirs
  • Understand the nuances of your business to identify the hardware and software that you need to keep your customers happy and employees productive
  • Provide proactive, reliable services to keep downtime to a minimum and maintenance costs down
  • Facilitate strategic and tactical support through a team of experienced technicians and forward-looking account managers

Start your managed IT services partnership with Think|Stack.

Fortunately, for credit unions looking for an established, specialized partner to deliver their managed IT services that has all of the above qualities—and more—they can turn to Think|Stack.

Think|Stack is an ideal partner because we understand credit unions’ needs, prioritize security, and know the importance of leveraging technology to drive innovation and customer service. We also view our relationship not as just a vendor-customer arrangement but instead one where Think|Stack is an extension of your team. We call this “co-management,” where our experts work alongside yours to find the best solutions for your processes and are constantly looking for new ways to optimize your business.

Now is the time to move to managed IT services.

The technology that credit unions rely on to serve their customers never stops evolving. 

Managed IT services for credit unions is a powerful way to fuel an organization’s long-term growth; maximize the return on their technology investment; and secure their ability to meet customer expectations by ensuring systems are deployed, managed, and maintained efficiently and effectively.

While there are plenty of managed services providers on the market, Think|Stack has deep knowledge of the challenges and realities of credit unions’ operating environments and is able to deliver everything from support for small implementations to complete, comprehensive managed services.

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