Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed at work? I’m always thinking there is so much to do and not enough time in the day to do it. I have few tips that have really helped me out and reduced my stress.

1) Writing everything down — To free up my head space, I will take a note pad and write everything down. This helps me not to worry that I forgot something, didn’t complete a task, or miss a deadline. It also gives me a good overview of what I must get done. Sometimes the perception in my head isn’t the reality that’s on paper.

2) Prioritizing — I like to break things down into the following categories: a) what I need to get done today, b) what has deadlines, c) what are questions I need answers to, and d) who needs follow up calls or emails. Once I have everything into a category, I realize that I don’t need to do everything today, but I can spread it out throughout the week.

3) Acknowledging a bad day — Some days will be more challenging then others. We are all human and have emotions and feelings. For me, if I’m having that kind of day, it’s important to acknowledge it. This helps me not carry it into the next day or have my whole week be derailed because of one day.

I’m sure that everyone has tips that work for them. I wanted share some of mine in the hopes that it could help someone else.