It is hard to read any trade magazine article, talk to a technology professional, or attend any conference without being inundated with all of the benefits of going to the cloud.

And it’s no wonder why: from cost savings to the flexibility and scalability of the infrastructure and services to the shifting in workload, the benefits to your operations and bottom line are real.

However, the transition from idea to cloud strategy to cloud implementation can be filled with hurdles, tough decisions, and potential mistakes if you do not approach the initiative with the right mindset and information.

So what are some of the most common mistakes found in cloud strategies that the professionals at Think|Stack see most often? Here are the top five and tips on how your team can avoid making them.

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1. Framing Your Cloud Strategies Just Around the Technical Element

The decision to migrate services to the cloud, either in part or in whole, is a big undertaking for any organization, but it is important to keep in mind the “why” behind the move: to better enable business. 

Therefore, it is important to not only include representatives from business components in strategy sessions but also to take their needs, requirements, and constraints into account throughout the entire implementation. Failing to do so will result not only in an incomplete platform but also possibly even a lack of buy-in.

2. Losing Momentum from Cloud Strategy Development to Implementation

A mandate from the executive team to move to the cloud sometimes isn’t enough to make the implementation happen. That’s why it is common for some organizations to lose momentum for their project during the strategy phase.

To help combat this, make sure that your cloud strategy is not just about saving money or chasing the next new trend but instead about implementing new services or features that can directly link to real business outcomes and goals. 

3. Thinking Too Small

While there can be an argument for moving a single service to a hosted environment one at a time, eventually, the operation of your infrastructure will become disjointed and even harder to manage.

Use the time during the development of your cloud strategy to think holistically about how you want your technology to look in the future and the path and timeline you want to get there. 

4. Going Too Big Too Fast

Similar to mistake No. 3, there needs to be a balance woven into your implementation plan that accounts for not only the realities of your technology team and timeline but also the business side. For example, there are a lot of training, communication, and technology considerations that need to be accounted for in the development and implementation of your plan.

Make sure there is time to capture the feedback of key business stakeholders so you make the migration happen right the first time.

5. Thinking a Cloud Strategy Is a Silver Bullet

A move to the cloud is a big transition in how your business operates, and it can have big implications for your workflows, applications, and processes from end to end. However, many organizations believe that a cloud strategy and the ultimate implementation of it will be, in itself, the solution to their technology woes

Instead, use this initiative as an opportunity to evaluate your other technology applications, workflows, policies, and procedures, so you are not just migrating inefficiencies and bad practices to a new environment.

Other Ways to Avoid These Common Cloud Strategy Mistakes

In addition to avoiding these common pitfalls, the team at Think|Stack has found that these practices can help set your transition from cloud strategy to implementation up for success:

  • Identify measures of success that can be used to evaluate how well your cloud strategy is aligning with your expectations for transformation.
  • Select a partner with the experience and tools to ease the transition and streamline the various stages of implementation.
  • Think about how the cloud can transform your organization and bring new efficiencies and features, such as facilitating the introduction of new ways of working and facilitating your business.

Do It Right the First Time Every Time

The decision to move to the cloud can be an exciting opportunity for your business, but it can also mark a real turning point in the trajectory of your operation’s growth.

But the development of your cloud strategy and its ultimate implementation can also be a time full of missed opportunities, mistakes, and hiccups if you don’t have the right perspective and team in place.

Is your organization seriously considering a move to the cloud? The team at Think|Stack would welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your business. We are confident that we can help you lay the right technical and operational foundation you need to make the transformation a success.

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